Program Types and Descriptions

Expert naturalist Vince Walsh leads a winter tracking program. Photo credit: Sarah Clarkin

Grant Support in 2015

We were proud to receive a grant from the Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund in 2015.

The grant was to support the project; Accessible Environmental Education: Supporting Mentors Working with Community Youth.  Goals of the project were  increasing people’s awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the ecologically significant and socially/economically important natural communities beyond their backdoors; exposing people of all ages to the joy, excitement and health benefits of being outdoors; and conveying the need and instilling the desire and ability to effect positive change.

General Public and Children’s Programs.
Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor programs that explore different aspects of the natural world.  Most programs are active and hands-on, involving a hike or a snowshoe to explore some of nature’s beauty and wonder.  Most programs are free.  Past programs have included Pond Explorations, Art in Nature Series, Karner Blue Butterfly Walks, Nature Discovery Walks, Wellness Walks, and PreK Days.

Every spring, on the Sunday after Memorial Day we host our Wilton Wildlife Festival.  We have Karner Blue Butterfly walks, lupine planting, pond exploration, lots of nature crafts, live animal programs, displays from other community environmental organizations, fire tower tours, and a BBQ!

Elementary School Outreach Program.
Local elementary schools students are exposed to the presence and importance of local at-risk species and habitats and ways they can make a positive difference.  Teachers can choose from a full menu of programs that cover topics including the Karner blue butterfly’s life cycle; its host plant, the wild blue lupine; the food chains and webs of the Saratoga Sandplains Ecosystem; animal adaptations, and many, many more.  These engaging programs meet criteria set forth in the state’s core curriculum for elementary science.

Download the Education Program Brochure(PDF).

Up close and personal with a Karner blue butterfly. Photo credit: Maryanne MacKenzie

Children’s and Youth Programming
We also offer programs to scouts, 4H, and other organizations to help enhance awareness of this area’s unique habitats and diverse species.  Programs encourage the use of reasoning, math, art, writing and verbal skills to expand the children’s understanding of nature’s intricate web.

Children love spending time outdoors in nature. Photo credit: Dana McClure

Summer and Vacation Programs
Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park partners with the Wilton Recreation Department to present environmental education programs to its summer campers.

Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park offers programs during school vacation weeks to give families a chance to do fun, outdoor and environmental activities together! Check in the calendar listing section of the website to see what is currently being offered.

Programs for Clubs and Civic Groups.
The Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park accommodates as many requests for programs as possible.  Contact the Preserve & Park if you are interested in having an educational program at your site or at the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.

Current Education Program Brochure includes Field Trip and In-School Program Options

Download the Education Brochure (PDF).


The Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park offers a variety of educational resources that can be accessed via this website.

Download the Education Brochure (PDF).

Top Ten Lists
Volunteers have developed Top Ten lists to better acquaint visitors with local plant and animal life.  Each list is presented as a downloadable brochure that can be printed and taken along on one or more visits to the varied and ever changing lands comprising the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.

Available brochures include: