XC 5K Running Trail

Runners cross the Delegan Pond dam at the end of the 5k course. Photo supplied.

The Camp Saratoga parcel has a marked 5K running trail.  Round white markers with a pink 5K on them lead runners along a challenging course that travels through diverse settings.

The course begins just off Parking Lot #1.  A few dozen yards up the blue trail from the parking lot, the red trail goes off to the left.  That intersection is the start of the loop.  The course follows the red trail to the blue trail.  The blue trail meanders through field and forest and, at a point beyond the half-way mark, crosses Scout Road.  The 5K course follows blue trail on this side of Scout Road and ends on the Parade Ground near Delegan Pond and across the street from Parking Lot #1.

The course has steep sections and is quite hilly near the end.

If you enjoy this activity, consider joining fellow enthusiasts at the Summer 5K Fun Run series, organized by the Saratoga Stryders running club.